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One of the questions that people love to ask you when you’re a kid is: What do you like to do? For me, the answer was easy. I loved science and I loved ghosts. Nobody was ever quite sure how to respond to that.

Randy is faced with horrifying experiences throughout his entire life. It isn't until he realizes the truth that he learns true fear.

Based on a novella with the same name, The Control Group is a story driven role-playing game. Players guide Randy through the various events in his life that molded his worldview. To solve the mysteries he encounters, Randy must overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and face monsters hidden in plain sight.

Currently available only as a playable demo, the final version of The Control Group will contain the following features:

  • Three narrative-driven chapters that tell a complete story
  • Difficult, but forgiving gameplay
  • Simple, yet challenging puzzles
  • Multiple endings, including several secret endings
  • Music that helps to fortify the game's themes
  • Hidden content that further expands upon the story

The final version of The Control Group is tentatively set for release in Early 2019.

Note From the Game's Creator

My name is Matthew Walker. I am releasing The Control Group under the organization Give Time Games. I'm in the process of setting up Give Time Games as a fundraising affiliate of Give Time Charity. I've been immensely blessed in my life and have always wanted to give assistance to those in life that are unable to find help elsewhere.

Give Time Charity is the culmination of that desire. Once set up and fully funded, my wife and I hope to provide medical aid to individuals in both rural and foreign areas (we are based in the United States). As a lawyer, I plan to handle the legal and business side of things. My wife is currently preparing to enter medical school and will take charge over the medical aspects of the charity.

Sales from The Control Group will help us to achieve our goals. With that said, I don't want to mislead you into thinking that you are donating to a charity by purchasing this game.

First and foremost, sales from The Control Group will help relieve us of debt incurred by our education. We need to put on our own oxygen masks before we can begin assisting our neighbors.

Second, my wife and I need to make sure we adequately provide for our two children as she follows through with her medical training. I will be able to work to sufficiently fund the venture, but any financial cushion we have will be incredibly stress relieving.

Third, in the unlikely event that proceeds exceed what is listed above, I will place the funds in either savings or investments with Give Time Charity so that we can have a strong foundation once we get our wheels on the ground.

I appreciate your interest in Give Time Games and hope you enjoy The Control Group.

Install instructions

This game works best with the font Century Gothic installed on your system (Century Gothic is included with most Windows installations).


The Control Group DEMO.exe 202 MB

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